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It's Time To Crawl Inside The Minds Of Some Of The Most Successful Marketers On The Planet - Superstars Of Marketing At The Top Of Their Game...

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The Complete 'Marketing Mastermind Series'


From: Dom Cowen
Date: Wednesday 6th December, 2023

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Would you like some exclusive and life changing information from the top Internet Marketers?

Good, because we have put together for you an exclusive set of audio interviews from the top 10 Internet Marketers.

Each interview contains essential information that you need to know if you are trying to 'make it online'.

These guys finally reveal some of their innermost secrets, and this information can now be yours for an extremely low price!

Each of these interviews is available to buy separately only, but you can still get all 10 of them.

There are over 15 Hours of high quality audio and each and every minute is packed with a wealth of information and knowledge, where you will pick up many life changing ideas. You wont find this information anywhere else, especially not in any ebooks, reports or manuals! Infact the only place you will find this life changing information, is in these exclusive interviews!

The interviews are in MP3 format, so they can be streamed through your web browser, or downloaded and listened to offline from either your PC or MP3 player.

You will discover the closely guarded secrets of how these Marketers make their millions online, and why they are so successful. Listen to what they say and then apply the same things to your own business to ensure your own success.

The following interviews are available in the series:

Master Copywriting with Ted Nicholas

Millionaire Business Strategies with Mike Filsaime

Master List Building With Michael Cheney

Multimedia Marketing with Louis Allport

AdSense Success with Joel Comm

Product Launch Profits with Jason James

Marketing Leverage with Andrew Fox

Affiliate Marketing with Willie Crawford

Thinking Rich With Richard Butler

Content Publishing Secrets with Jason Potash

Now that you know who has been interviewed, lets take a look at what is included in these amazing interviews.

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Master Copywriting with Ted NicholasMaster Copywriting
with Ted Nicholas

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • Discover the 3 key questions you must answer before starting to write a sales letter (and these answers will turn a simple sheet of paper into your first draft of powerful copy).
  • How to create sales letters that will explode your conversion rates (Even if you can't write a simple letter home, this one technique, will guarantee your words pull orders faster than a speeding bullet.)

  • Discover how important it is to get 'the sequence' right when you're creating your marketing materials (this is vital to a successful campaign)

  • How to release a flow of creativity every time you sit down to write (Many people get brain freeze at those critical moments never let it happen to you)

  • What really works - (Long Vs. Short Copy)... After thousands of tests Ted really knows the truth! (But discover the exception to the rule that will kill your orders dead.)

  • How to create powerful attention grabbing bullets that propel your readers to the 'buy it now' button.

  • Discover how to persuade your readers to follow your commands with a strong call to action that delivers results.

  • How to work Ted's 'formula' into your guarantees so they'll actually work like mini order magnets in your sales materials.

  • Learn how to use testimonials to devastating effect, create instant credibility and maximise your order conversions.

  • Stop your emails and regular mailings getting junked within 3 seconds of your prospect receiving them. (Ted reveals a simple to avoid mistake that turns people off instantly.)

  • Discover the little known 'signature secrets' that will increase buyer confidence in all your products and services.

  • Discover Ted's power 'PS tactics' that can tip people over the edge and get them to buy right there and then...

  • The Secret that Rich People Know That Poor People Do Not and the 2 key skills to master to become successful.

  • Discover what Ted believes will help anyone become more successful and his top tips to generate tens of thousands of dollars hands free.

  • Ted's 'Tap Dance To Work' formula for life and the 4 key elements you must get in balance for success.
BULLET Discover What Ted Believes Will Help Anyone Become More Successful And His Top Tips To Generate Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Hands Free..
BULLET Ted's 'Tap Dance To Work' Formula For Life And The 4 Key Elements You Must Get In Balance For Success.!
BULLET What Ted Believes To Be One Of The Biggest Threats To Society Today..
BULLET The Secret That Rich People Know That Poor People Do Not And The 2 Key Skills To Master To Become Successful.
BULLET What Ted Believes Is The Only Real Way Today To Build Wealth Today

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Millionaire Business Strategies
with Mike Filsaime

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • Discover what Mike believes is a core principal of success and how you can use a very simple technique to identify your true personal goals.

  • Hear Mike reveal the 'Hedgehog Concept' and learn how to use it properly (do this and you'll build the kind of business you've always wanted to own). 

  • The real reason why you need focus, how to achieve it and why it's critical that you eliminate distractions and 'new opportunities' from your radar right now.

  • The real difference between 'linear' vs 'leverage' thinking (one will make you rich beyond your dreams the other will tie you down and kill your earning potential.)

  • Mike's secret tactic to becoming an expert in your chosen field the easy way.

  • The powerful "Identify and Align" technique that will rocket your level of wealth, knowledge and ultimate success.

  • How to overcome the social conditioning that keeps 90% of the population flat broke - If you've ever heard (or said yourself) something like this... "you have to work hard to make money" or  "opportunities only come around once in a lifetime" then you need a radical rethink.

  • How almost anyone can turn a 'hobby job' or part time business into a multi-million dollar company  - powerful stuff

  • Discover the real secret behind Mike's 'Overnight Success' with Butterfly Marketing - $700,000 in one day & $1.5Million+ in 2 weeks - Learn how he did it.

  • The 'N.....' word Mike says you have to eliminate from your vocabulary right now before you can grow your business

  • Learn how to recognize when it makes sense to outsource - Know when the time's right to employ staff to drive your business forward.

  • What you need to offer other people to gain more personal success...

  • The one strategy Mike believes has brought him more success than anything else over the last few years (and it's made him a 'household name' in marketing.)

  • How to really network, develop successful business relationships and build trust

  • Discover how Mike's "F-A-S-T Profits" system could change the way you make every kind of business decision for the better - (And prevent you from making the bad calls that will cost you time and money)
BULLET How Mike Transformed A Hobby / Part Time Business Into A Multi-Million Dollar Company
BULLET The 'N' Word You Need To Cut From Your Vocabulary Today
BULLET The Real Secret Of Mike's 'Overnight Success' With Butterfly Marketing
BULLET Mike's Quick Tips For Million Dollar Business Mastery

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Master List Building With Michael CheneyMaster List Building
With Michael Cheney

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • The easy to copy strategy Michael used by to rocket his list from 0 - 20,000 subscribers in less than a year (with no money, no partners and no product!)

  • Why the size of your list is NOT the most important factor for making money online - (if you think it takes 100,000's of thousands to pull in 'big money' you'll be shocked!)

  • A single crucial factor that separates the supercharged 'master list builders' from 'average Joe' list builders (understanding this one concept could add extra 00's to your bottom line this year)

  • How to develop the 'winner' mindset necessary to run hugely profitable 5 figure+ email marketing campaigns (Most marketers are 'thinking' wrong and fail to generate income as a result)

  • The 5 most powerful strategies to turn a trickle of subscribers into a tidal wave (anyone of these could literally double your list size within just a few short weeks)

  • A simple '30 second tactic' to guarantee an increase in the numbers site visitors signing up to your list (this is so easy it's almost criminal that 95% of marketers don't do it)

  • Discover Michaels 4 'Must Have' tools you need to get both subscriptions and cash pouring in to your accounts. 2 kinds of 'freebie' or incentive you can create, cheap and fast (but that have a very high perceived value) that will have people queuing round the block to subscribe to your mailing list.

  • Discover the 3 main elements Michael recommends you should test to improve the responsiveness of your sites (these are quick and easy and testing just these 3 could be a huge time saver)

  • The essential rules to follow if you want to turn your 'freebies' into mouth-watering bribes that'll be irresistible to subscribers.

  • The tactic to sending out promotions for products you haven't personally reviewed (as an affiliate, this tactic will allow you to maintain vital integrity with your list)

  • Discover the trick to creating pop-up subscription forms that work - (get this wrong and you'll just annoy your site visitors)

  • A sure-fire tip to bring in an instant flood of residual income.

  • The simple 'focus switch' you need to make that guarantees happy subscribers and long-term profits

  • The 4 list killing mistakes to avoid like the plague (be careful the next email you send could fall into this trap)
BULLET How To 'Piggyback' Someone Else's Success To Build Your List
BULLET The Real Reason Why You Should Create Powerful 'Pre-Launch' Lists.
BULLET How To Increase Your Sales Conversions With _ _ _ Lists!
BULLET How To Create Perfect 'Bait' To Get More People Subscribing To Your List
BULLET The 'Tools' and Tactics To Put In Place To Start Building 'Big' Lists...

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Multimedia Marketing with Louis AllportMultimedia Marketing
with Louis Allport

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • The sure-fire strategy you can start using today to build instant credibility in practically any niche marketplace you choose.
  • Why the right kind of video can establish yourself as an 'bone-fide expert' in your chosen marketplace almost overnight.

  • How to create new products about subjects you know little or nothing about and in the shortest time possible.

  • The thought process you need to go through before deciding on what types of product to create (getting this right first time can generate huge sales volumes)

  • How to easily create 'high-end' video based products using just 4 simple to use, low cost software programs.

  • How to market your products so they bring in continual streams of new visitors to your sites. (Use this tactic and never worry about SEO again!)
  • How to create viral and brandable PDF ebooks for free and how to use them to create highly targeted lists of subscribers.

  • How to effectively use video to pre-sell affiliate products and increase your commissions (plus more video ideas to increase order page conversions)

  • How to use short video clips to drive traffic to your websites for free (one example Louis gives brings in over 3,000 visitors a day)

  • Listen to Louis's comprehensive 8 point video product creation plan - (if you ever plan to use video online you simply must listen in to this section)

  • Important hosting tips and tricks to minimize your costs and protect your products (these simple strategies will ensure your most important pages are always protected)
BULLET The Critical Steps To Create Perfect, Easy To Watch Video Info Products.
BULLET A Simple Strategy To Ensure Your Videos 'Flow' Properly And Keep People Hooked
BULLET How To Add Video To Your Site  Without The Risk Of Crashing Your Site When You Get Too Many Visitors
BULLET A Simple Tactic To Give Your Videos 'Extra Life' And Keep Them Current.

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AdSense Success with Joel CommAdSense Success
with Joel Comm

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • Discover why not all sites are created equal! - Find out which type of site to build to guarantee higher earnings from day one.
  • Revealed - The 2 critical success factors that will have the most impact on your bottom line results. (they're probably NOT what you think!)

  • Are you making these common mistakes? Stop using outdated publishing tactics that no longer work (Unfortunately these strategies are still being preached as viable - truth is you'll be wasting your time)

  • Heard about the 'Death Of Adsense'? 'hype' or 'fact', listen to Joel's take on this highly controversial topic (and find out what he really thinks about 'clickflipping'...)

  • Discover Joel's top tips for generating FREE traffic to your sites - (find out the 4 things you should be doing and the 1 thing you really shouldn't)

  • Feeling Lazy? Discover the easiest and most lucrative way ever to generate content for Adsense TOTALLY 'Hands Free'

  • Avoid - The 2 perilous tactics that can get your site(s) blacklisted in the search engines. (+Plus a cardinal publishing sin that'll kill your income)

  • What's the real secret to earning big! ... Don't be one of the majority who miss this most important element to success.

  • The secrets to multiple revenue streams - Find out which 3 services Joel uses himself to bring in even more cash on autopilot.

  • What's really going on with duplicate content? Discover the real affect it has on how the search engines 'see' your site (and how to use it without the risk!)

  • Feel left out when the talk gets 'techy'? End the confusion with Joel's comprehensive briefing on: Adsense, Adwords, Contextual Ads, PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM & PPL (if all those abbreviations leave your mind running loops, then this opening section of the call will have you sounding like a Pro in no time)
  • The quickest (and best) way to get started with Adsense - (Find out how Joel actually got his start and why it turned his business into a huge success).

  • The title of a book Joel saw over 20 years ago that brought him success and how that same message can work for you.

  • Find out what it actually takes to make the big bucks! (With monthly earnings in excess of $20,000 Joel's frank answer to exactly where the money comes from will likely shock you!)

  • Everything you need to know about keyword research, page design, layout and ad positioning to get your sites earning faster.
BULLET Easiest & Quickest Way Anyone Can Get Started With Adsense Publishing
BULLET Eeeek!! What 2 Things You Must Never To Do With Adsense That'll Get Your Account Banned
BULLET The Three Key Areas To Get Right And Improve Your Click Thrus

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Product Launch Profits with Jason JamesProduct Launch Profits
with Jason James

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • The 4 key elements of mindset he learnt in his four years duty as a US Army Marine that transformed his life and gave him the power to create a string of successful online businesses.
  • How he got started working evenings and weekends to become an eBay power seller and the 'mind-switch' that rocketed him to online success.

  • How his first 'big' product actually created itself and how you can use this information to create a string of highly successful products.

  • The three critical elements you must monitor in any successful launch (any one of these could let you down big time and cost you tens of thousands of happens all the time, don't become a statistic)

  • Jason's secret tactic that helped one of his sites generate over $300,000 in less than a month and why exactly it worked.

  • How a new launch pulled in over $100K in one day despite going up against massive competition (He also talks about a late night frantic phone call with another marketer that made them both thousands)

  • The real reason why you must build membership style products - And the tactics to keep people paying month after month

  • The two golden rules you must stick to before you launch any kind of product

  • The three strategies you must apply to get your JV promotions noticed (Jason used these to recruit 30 top marketers who not only marketed his product but they actually created it for him)

  • The sneaky forum marketing tactic you can use to build a buzz for your product launch

  • Why Jason now uses video on his sales pages and how it can instantly help you build trust and rapport with your own prospects

  • Why you must consider outsourcing if you're aiming for six figure launches - (Jason reveals exactly what he got others to do, why, but most importantly the tasks you must do yourself)
BULLET 2 Media Formats Guaranteed To Increase Conversion Rates On Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages.
BULLET How To Quickly Build Trust & Rapport With Your Web Site Visitors.
BULLET The Key Factor To Creating Interest In Your Sites And Products.
BULLET A Handy Tip To Make Your Email Messages Stand Out From The Crowds

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Marketing Leverage with Andrew FoxMarketing Leverage
with Andrew Fox

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • How to use ClickBank to your advantage without worrying about commission theft. Hint - its not about cloaking links.

  • Why joining ClickBank as a merchant is one of the best business moves you can make!

  • The dumbest move you can make promoting other people's products - even with good intentions.

  • How Andrew took a $200 resale rights product & generated a whopping $25,000 almost overnight.

  • How to exploit the laziness of other marketers to cash in on resale rights products yourself!

  • The real power of leverage - where to find it, how to use it, and how it can make you RICH.

  • Using the power of momentum & social proof to market your products - do only this, and you'll STILL succeed!

  • You can be everything to everyone - but being the right things to the right people can multiply your results!

  • How giving away ad copy can multiply your income while actually REDUCING your work load!

  • Tap into laziness for your own benefit!
BULLET The Biggest Mistake Made By Affiliates Today
BULLET How To Increase Sales With The Same Traffic
BULLET Where Real Profits Come From In Online Marketing
BULLET The Critical Element To Success When Buying Resell Rights
BULLET A Simple 'Leverage Technique' To Increase Your Visitors


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Affiliate Marketing with Willie CrawfordAffiliate Marketing
with Willie Crawford

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • A crucial, crucial, crucial first step most people completely miss when trying to succeed as affiliate marketer (ultimately this mistake will kill any chance of success you may have.)

  • A proven strategy for earning regular, long-term income (you'll also discover how to recruit big name JV Partners...Willie is also a highly respected, behind the scenes, JV Broker so you must listen to this)

  • Willie's favourite and easy to use software tool he uses to promote products with (this increases conversion massively and sends customers directly to the 'buy it now button')

  • Why F _ _ _ _ is essential in all aspects of online marketing (fact: most affiliates don't have it and it's why they miss out on many sales)

  • The secret strategy Willie is using to overcome the increasing problems of email deliverability (and another related game-plan that'll bring in even more traffic to your sites)

  • How to promote products and claim affiliate sales in an fiercely competitive market place - (just follow this strategy and you'll make your voice heard above the constant 'me too' chatter.)

  • The alternate channels you should be using right now to ensure your messages get the maximum response (important for both now and in the future - Willie discusses the 4 methods he's already using to keep orders coming in.)
  • What you must do to successfully capture the hearts and minds of your subscribers - (Willie is expert at building solid bonds with his lists... so much so that he regularly gets emails from subscribers asking him for his affiliate links to new products.)

  • The constant message you should be sending in all your communications to site visitors, subscribers and contacts (recognizing this is one point is incredibly powerful - it's application will set you apart from 99.9% of other marketers online)

  • How to never pick a 'bad product' again... Hear first hand about the warning signs to look for when picking products to promote - (sadly, some vendors are deliberately trying to rip affiliates off... stick to Willie's rules and you'll avoid be scammed and ripped off by the bad guys)
BULLET How to expand your online business beyond the 'glass ceiling' faced by many affiliate marketers.
BULLET The real secret to establishing successful JV partnerships with other marketers.
BULLET The Key reason why affiliates are failing to make income.
BULLET How to go from zero to $2,000 - $3,000 in affiliate income within a few short months.

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Thinking Rich With Richard ButlerThinking Rich
With Richard Butler

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • How To Pinpoint Which Of The Four Common Mindsets You Possess And How You Can Use The Information To Help You Succeed Faster
  • Discover How To Really Identify Your True Life Goals And Then Put Them Into Action

  • The Techniques And Strategies You Should Use To Successfully Quit Your Day Job And Set Up Your Own Business 

  • How To Use Richard's D.A.C. Strategy To Create Incredible Wealth And Rapid Business Growth 

  • How To Use The 'Reframing' Technique To Give Yourself A Positive Mental Boost When Things Aren't Going Your Way 

  • The Most Common Reason Why People Fail In Business Ventures And How To Never Personally Fall Victim Of This Trap 

  • How To Tap Into The Success Streams Of Others (This Simple Technique Could Literally Transform Your Fortunes Overnight) 

  • How To Avoid A Cruel Trick Played On Us By Our Own Subconscious Minds - (If You've Ever Set Yourself A New Year's Resolution And Failed To Keep It This Is Probably Why.)

  • The Simple Goal Setting Technique That Will Enable You To Climb What Seems Even The Most Insurmountable Tasks 

  • How To Instantly Minimize The Gap Between 'Learning' And 'Earning' so you can start seeing money come in faster 

  • The 'Word' Every Successful Entrepreneur Has Removed From Their Dictionary (Learn How To Turn Everything Into A Positive Experience.) 

  • Why The Words That You Use Everyday Can Actually Control The Way You Think And Act And How Simple Changes Can Deliver Dramatic Results 

  • How To Generate 'Luck' On Demand For You Personally And In Business 

  • Simple Thinking That Can Transform The Way You Think And Remove The Negatives From Your Life (You'll Also Discover How To Combat The Negativity And Jealously Of Others Around You.)  

  • Why You Must Eliminate A Common Way Of Thinking That Slowly Erodes Ambition - (Find Out How To Get Back On Track Fast With An Easy To Do Mental Exercise)
BULLET How To Identify Your Personal 'Mindset' & Take Control Of Your Life.
BULLET The Powerful 'Key' To Changing Your Life, Circumstances & Finances.
BULLET Discover How To Overcome The Obstacles Keeping You From Success.
BULLET How To Eliminate One Of The Most 'Destructive' Words From Your Own Vocabulary .
BULLET How To Eliminate The Negative Forces Around You And Achieve Success.

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Content Publishing Secrets
with Jason Potash

Just Some Of The Things Covered In The Call:

  • The WRONG way to do article marketing - Hint : Many marketers are doing this right now!

  • The subtle patterns found in successful content sites that you can apply to YOUR articles - getting you ranked faster & higher than ever before!

  • The powerful knowledge that Google contains - and how with one click of your mouse, you can have it at your fingertips.

  • How being specialized & technical can HELP your search engine rankings!

  • The "hybrid" approach to article writing that can take your results to the next level.

  • How taking just a few minutes to develop a strategy can multiply your profits instantly.

  • How to ethically steal other people's traffic - and have them thanking you for it!

  • How the wrong article directories can actually hurt your efforts (even if you submit to the "right ones", too.)

  • Big Brother is watching you - Jason will tell you how to use this to your advantage.

  • Why determining where to submit your articles is more important than the when, why or how.

  • How keywords with fewer searches can actually bring you MORE traffic & more sales.
BULLET How To Minimize Financial Risk As You Build Your Business
BULLET Why It's Critical To Build Business Relationships To Succeed In Any Niche
BULLET How To Become Part Of The Elite 2% Of Marketers Who Succeed Online
BULLET The Importance Of Generating Momentum In Your Business When You First Get Started

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Each of these exclusive recordings is stuffed with nuggets of wisdom, ideas and information guaranteed to help you generate profits and manage your business like never before...

Just think of the Marketing Mastermind Series like an invitation to attend a private, closed door seminar and receiving tens of thousands of dollars worth of coaching from the best in the business.

Some of the ideas shared here are potentially 'LIFE CHANGING' and we guarantee you'll be so fired up after listening to these calls your head will be buzzing.

Be one of the First people to own it, NOW!

These audio recordings are brand new and have only just been released, so order them now and get ahead of your competion.


These interviews are pure audio gold and we know you'll play them over and over, getting more and more from them every time you do.

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To Your Success

Dom Cowen

P.S. Don't miss out - These exclusive interviews are fully backed by a 60 day 100% total satisfaction guarantee - Order any one of 'The Marketing Mastermind Series' completely risk free and if for any reason you decide this information is not for you just let us know and we'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund.




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