“Here's How A Moonlighting Former Auto-Dealership Manager From NY Quit His Secure $180,000 PA Day Job And Went On To Unleash A Business Strategy So Powerful It Turned An Entire Industry On It's Head..."  

Mike Filsaime Is A Marketer's Marketer - On January 31st 2006 He Launched A Phenomenon That Has Since Helped Make Thousands Of His Students Rich - Here's How He Turned His One Man Business Into Multi-Million Dollar Empire And How You Can Do The Same...

From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020


This Is The Kind Of Information They'll Never Teach You In School

If you're about to start up a new online business or if you're already up an running but need a helping hand then you're not alone...

Each year Hundreds of thousands of people just like you are quitting their 'Day Jobs', telling their boss to 'shove it' and they're heading off in search of the "Internet Marketing Dream"...

And you know what?  It's true, the opportunities we have today thanks to the Internet are genuinely astonishing.  But there's a downside....  Only a small percentage of those who set out on this journey become hugely successful -

For others, running an online business throws up set back after set back, it can pile on the stress and often leads to financial insecurity, worry and self doubt.

One thing's for sure - On the surface, generating a huge income online is made to look easy - We get told how 'anyone can do it' ... But once you actually get started and begin to look beyond those 'get rich quick' sales pages most people discover the reality is very different.

But take it as fact - there are tens of thousands of marketers around the world who are earning a full-time living online. At the 'top end' some are earning six or seven figures and more - They are living that dream.

What you have to realize is this - failure isn't always down to laziness - In fact, in a recent IM survey 43% of Internet Marketers said they were still working a full time job, then working their online business at home in the evenings and weekends. And no one working two or more jobs could ever be considered 'Lazy'

So what really is the difference between a struggling, start up business and one that generates hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars a year?

If you've been searching for that answer then sit tight because you're about to hear first hand exactly what it takes...

But we needed an insider's view - We know you want the straight facts and the real story from a professional marketer who's already been in the same position as you - Someone who successfully transformed a part time 'hobby' business into a multi million dollar company in just a few short years.

So we went straight to the top - Mike Filsaime (yes that Mike Filsaime) has taken the Internet marketing world by storm. He's an successful author, a software developer, sought after speaker, personal coach, business consultant but most of all he's an intensive marketer at the top of his game - and refreshingly some who really does 'walk the talk'...

Millionaire Business Strategies With Mike Filsaime

Combo Package

And today, in this exclusive, no holds barred, interview you'll hear about what it REALLY takes to hit the big time.

No fluff, no sugar coated 'maybes' - Just the facts...

If you don't want to settle for second best - If you aren't prepared to just 'go with the flow' and struggle along like the majority of online marketers then you have to listen to this interview today

You see, Mike has a way of teaching his concepts to people so that they stick - So much so that many of his students have personally achieved huge success as a direct result of working with him.

And Now It's Your Turn...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You'll Hear:

  • Discover what Mike believes is a core principal of success and how you can use a very simple technique to identify your true personal goals.
  • Hear Mike reveal the 'Hedgehog Concept' and learn how to use it properly (do this and you'll build the kind of business you've always wanted to own). 
  • The real reason why you need focus, how to achieve it and why it's critical that you eliminate distractions and 'new opportunities' from your radar right now.
  • The real difference between 'linear' vs 'leverage' thinking (one will make you rich beyond your dreams the other will tie you down and kill your earning potential.)
  • Mike's secret tactic to becoming an expert in your chosen field the easy way.
  • The powerful "Identify and Align" technique that will rocket your level of wealth, knowledge and ultimate success.
  • How to overcome the social conditioning that keeps 90% of the population flat broke - If you've ever heard (or said yourself) something like this... "you have to work hard to make money" or  "opportunities only come around once in a lifetime" then you need a radical rethink.
  • How almost anyone can turn a 'hobby job' or part time business into a multi-million dollar company  - powerful stuff
  • Discover the real secret behind Mike's 'Overnight Success' with Butterfly Marketing - $700,000 in one day & $1.5Million+ in 2 weeks - Learn how he did it.
  • The 'N.....' word Mike says you have to eliminate from your vocabulary right now before you can grow your business
  • Learn how to recognize when it makes sense to outsource - Know when the time's right to employ staff to drive your business forward.
  • What you need to offer other people to gain more personal success...
  • The one strategy Mike believes has brought him more success than anything else over the last few years (and it's made him a 'household name' in marketing.)
  • How to really network, develop successful business relationships and build trust
  • Discover how Mike's "F-A-S-T Profits" system could change the way you make every kind of business decision for the better - (And prevent you from making the bad calls that will cost you time and money)

This interview is pure audio gold and we know you'll play it over and over getting more from it every time you do.

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

"Very REVEALING Interview!"

The Business Strategies disclosed here have reshaped my roadmap to reach my ultimate goal on my online ventures in different niches!

Two thumbs up to you Mike!

Andy Immotna
Mike is one marketer that always gives solid advice every time. This interview is no exception and he reveals incredible insights into his highly successful Internet business.

Leslie Heywood
Mike's a GENIUS!

Mike's Business Strategies is simply Genius in concept and in practice. One cannot deny the success of the Butterfly Marketing concept that hits internet marketing by storm.

This is truly an insight and a genuine mastermind

Bobby Leong

I have known Mike since the first year he went online and have seen his well-deserved meteoric rise to fame and fortune.

One thing that has always struck me about Mike is his humility.

The Internet could do with a 100 more 'Experts' like him.

Chris Bloor
I like Mike. He tells it the way it is. You can here his sincerity in his voice. His products are all about helping others to succeed.

Mike has a fantastic memory and can always come up with a quote from someone to lighten the air around him and make you think for a second and say: “ya I can see that”.

If you have that entrepreneur sprit or energy you will love when you here Mike explains the mind set of the employee (linear) and the mind set of the employer (leverage).

Mike offers so much useful and relevant business strategies in this interview. The techniques he offers you have to take action to see the results.

Find out if whether Mike builds his business or his relationships. This is a must listen!

Nick F. Sanders
Thanks Mike for doing this interview!  It has given me an insight in your mindset and I understand now why you're so successful!

Anyone and I really mean anyone who is doing stuff online should listen to this interview.  Its so exiting to know how you made your way Mike.  I highly recommend this to anyone...

Patrick Schuppe

If You're Marketing Anything Online You Owe It To Yourself To Listen To This Interview Today

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To Your Success

Dom Cowen

P.S. Don't miss out - This exclusive interview is fully backed by a 60 day 100% total satisfaction guarantee - Order Millionaire Business Strategies With Mike Filsaime completely risk free and if for any reason you decide this information is not for you just let me know and we'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund.




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