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Michael Cheney Went From 0 to 20,000 Subscribers Without A Product, With No Ad Budget, With No Affiliates or JV Partners And In Less Than 12 Months... Today He'll Reveal How You Can Do Exactly The Same

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From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

As An Online Business Owner The Single Most Valuable Asset You'll Ever Own Is Your Own Responsive Mailing List

Just ask any successful direct marketer and they'll tell you "The Money's In The List" and that's because without one - you're going nowhere...

But just what exactly do they mean by 'The Money's In The List'?  And how exactly should you go about building one so that it will guarantee a flood of orders in your inbox every time you send an email?

Well Michael Cheney knows the answers - Michael started out like almost every other marketer online - He had no advertising budget, he didn't have an address book filled with 'guru' buddies to call and send him some traffic - Heck he didn't even have a product to sell...

But he built a list... And in less than 12 months his list had gone from zero to over 20,000 subscribers (and you're about to hear about the single tactic he used to do it.)

But then Michael hit upon problem number 2 - his list wasn't making him any money... It simply wasn't responsive to his promotions - (And that's a problem that's a lot more common than most people think) -

FACT:  Owning a 'big list' doesn't guarantee you'll make any money.

The problem is (and this applies to any 'niche' you're in) competition is fierce and everyone is competing for the hearts, minds and the wallets of your potential customers.  It's why building in the first instance is important, but more importantly, building the 'right kind' of list and managing it well is vital!

In reality, just knowing how to build a list is not enough, (unfortunately most ebooks, courses and training on 'list building' only cover half the story)

Maybe you've already started to build your list and you're only too aware of this problem?  Or maybe you just want to get it right first time round and save yourself months (or years) of trial and error?

Well that's good news because today you'll discover the real secrets to list building and generating list profits directly from Michael himself...

Presenting.... 'Master List Building' With Michael Cheney

Combo Package

This really is list building properly explained and made easy for everyone ...

You'll hear first hand the proven strategies, tips and tactics that anyone can put to use immediately and see their signup rates soar

If you want to boost your online earnings then 'Master List Building' puts all the pieces together for you... 

Listen to Michael discuss opt-in lists, co-reg lists, pre-launch lists (which have helped him generate 2 six figure launches) and special Sub-Lists tactics you can use to achieve higher response rates and sell more products)

Here's Just A Fraction Of The Wealth Of Ideas Available To You In This 87 Minute Interview:

Arrow The easy to copy strategy Michael used by to rocket his list from 0 - 20,000 subscribers in less than a year (with no money, no partners and no product!)
Arrow Why the size of your list is NOT the most important factor for making money online - (if you think it takes 100,000's of thousands to pull in 'big money' you'll be shocked!)
Arrow A single crucial factor that separates the supercharged 'master list builders' from 'average Joe' list builders (understanding this one concept could add extra 00's to your bottom line this year)
Arrow How to develop the 'winner' mindset necessary to run hugely profitable 5 figure+ email marketing campaigns (Most marketers are 'thinking' wrong and fail to generate income as a result)
Arrow The 5 most powerful strategies to turn a trickle of subscribers into a tidal wave (anyone of these could literally double your list size within just a few short weeks)
Arrow A simple '30 second tactic' to guarantee an increase in the numbers site visitors signing up to your list (this is so easy it's almost criminal that 95% of marketers don't do it)
Arrow Discover Michaels 4 'Must Have' tools you need to get both subscriptions and cash pouring in to your accounts.
Arrow 2 kinds of 'freebie' or incentive you can create, cheap and fast (but that have a very high perceived value) that will have people queuing round the block to subscribe to your mailing list.
Arrow Discover the 3 main elements Michael recommends you should test to improve the responsiveness of your sites (these are quick and easy and testing just these 3 could be a huge time saver)
Arrow The essential rules to follow if you want to turn your 'freebies' into mouth-watering bribes that'll be irresistible to subscribers.
Arrow The tactic to sending out promotions for products you haven't personally reviewed (as an affiliate, this tactic will allow you to maintain vital integrity with your list)
Arrow Discover the trick to creating pop-up subscription forms that work - (get this wrong and you'll just annoy your site visitors)
Arrow A sure-fire tip to bring in an instant flood of residual income.
Arrow The simple 'focus switch' you need to make that guarantees happy subscribers and long-term profits
Arrow The 4 list killing mistakes to avoid like the plague  (be careful the next email you send could fall into this trap)

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

This was one of the most informative 87 minutes I've had the pleasure of spending in quite a while.

The tips offered in this audio are worth their weight in gold. I especially liked the analogy of the "apple orchard". How simple, yet revealing this was.

You made it abundantly clear that "the money is in the list". You offered up many ways to build a quality list. I am going to follow one of your tips and place my optin information on my blog along with an audio and possibly a video (if I can get my 16 year old son to help me..)

Thanks for an insightful interview. I'm looking forward to more in the future.

Allen Lundy
Michael gave practical advice in this interview on how any newbie can build their list with no affiliates, no JV partners and no initial list. This is exactly how he started in the first place.

The discussion on the different type of lists and how to create a better relationship with each type is also very insightful.

All in all ... a great course on how to get more out of your list.

Keith Choy
Money is in the List...? YEAH!

Michael really answers the worries of any newbies' perceptions that we need a BIG list to make money online.

His strategies on building quality money making list from ZERO is truly eye opening.

Bobby Leong
I was always struggling to get people on my list. I know now after your Interview that I have done it the wrong way.
I am now going to do it right!
You can really benefit from this interview because everyone who wants to sell stuff online needs a list!!  Again thanks for sharing! Well done!

Patrick Schuppe
The list building tactics discussed here have so many levels. It's great to hear how Michael built up such a large list for almost nothing. More useful tips than you can shake a stick at!

Leslie Heywood
Everybody says you need a list to be successful at this business.

It takes time to build up a list but with this interview I have got a lot of insight into where I have been going wrong.

I believe this interview will help me immensely!

Jim Moore
WOW! List building just got a lot more easy thanks to Michael Cheney! The story about his debut, when he went from 0 to 20 000 subscribers just blew me off my chair!

And I couldn't believe that he built this huge list in about a year's time using...you better hold on to something...only ARTICLES!!!

Throughout the interview there are lots of gems and tips for list building like... I use to think that the list was a part of internet marketing, but now, after listening to Michael, I know that "The List is Internet Marketing"!

I really intend - and so should you - to "Grow my own apple tree!". When you listen to the interview you'll know what I mean!

Razvan Dobre


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To Your Success

Dom Cowen


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