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From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands of publishers online already using AdSense on your website to generate income? 

If you are, or if you like the idea of making 'easy' money then it's your lucky day...

In a recent survey over 55% of marketers said they were already using Adsense or they planned to get started...  And there's little doubt why - Once you hit the 'magic formula' creating huge income streams can be pretty much hands free (and in some cases, which you'll hear about today, totally hands free)


PASSIVE INCOME!  Sounds good doesn't it? -

But in reality only a small percentage of content publishers ever find that elusive 'magic formula'

If you're already in the game but just not earning the amount of income you'd like, then you'll be surprised to hear you have a lot in common with Joel Comm because that's exactly how he felt when he got started way back in June 2003...

Like most people signed up with Google AdSense, and he did what many others do.... He simply took the code directly from Google AdSense, pasted it onto his web site.

And then he did what many others undoubtedly do as well.

He wondered why ... he wasn't making any money.

But he got smart.

Because he knew he was leaving money on the table (lots of it), he began testing his AdSense code and what he found completely changed his life.

And what you'll hear today could do the same for you...

Presenting... Adsense Success With Joel Comm

Combo Package

In this exclusive interview Joel Comm reveals some of the best kept secrets to winning the AdSense Game.

You'll hear, first hand, Joel discuss the tactics he's using right now that generate often in excess of a $1,000 A DAY in hands free, passive income.

And you'll hear about the latest, up to date, strategies that work NOW (not the redundant tips that stopped working years ago that are still being preached in many ebooks and courses you'll find online...)

Just A Few Snippets Of What You'll Hear In AdSense Success!

bullet_red   Discover why not all sites are created equal! - Find out which type of site to build to guarantee higher earnings from day one.
bullet_red   Revealed - The 2 critical success factors that will have the most impact on your bottom line results.  (they're probably NOT what you think!)
bullet_red   Are you making these common mistakes?  Stop using outdated publishing tactics that no longer work (Unfortunately these strategies are still being preached as viable - truth is you'll be wasting your time)
bullet_red   Heard about the 'Death Of Adsense'?  'hype' or 'fact', listen to Joel's take on this highly controversial topic (and find out what he really thinks about 'clickflipping'...)
bullet_red   Discover Joel's top tips for generating FREE traffic to your sites - (find out the 4 things you should be doing and the 1 thing you really shouldn't)
bullet_red   Feeling Lazy?  Discover the easiest and most lucrative way ever to generate content for Adsense TOTALLY 'Hands Free'
bullet_red   Avoid - The 2 perilous tactics that can get your site(s) blacklisted in the search engines.  (+Plus a cardinal publishing sin that'll kill your income)
bullet_red   What's the real secret to earning big! ... Don't be one of the majority who miss this most important element to success.
bullet_red   The secrets to multiple revenue streams - Find out which 3 services Joel uses himself to bring in even more cash on autopilot.
bullet_red   What's really going on with duplicate content?  Discover the real affect it has on how the search engines 'see' your site (and how to use it without the risk!)
bullet_red   Feel left out when the talk gets 'techy'?  End the confusion with Joel's comprehensive briefing on:  Adsense, Adwords, Contextual Ads, PPC, CPA, CPC, CPM & PPL (if all those abbreviations leave your mind running loops, then this opening section of the call will have you sounding like a Pro in no time)
bullet_red   The quickest (and best) way to get started with Adsense - (Find out how Joel actually got his start and why it turned his business into a huge success).
bullet_red   The title of a book Joel saw over 20 years ago that brought him success and how that same message can work for you.
bullet_red   Find out what it actually takes to make the big bucks!   (With monthly earnings in excess of $20,000 Joel's frank answer to exactly where the money comes from will likely shock you!)
bullet_red   Everything you need to know about keyword research, page design, layout and ad positioning to get your sites earning faster.

This interview is pure audio gold and we know you'll play it over and over getting more from it every time you do.

About Joel Comm
Joel Comm is an Internet entrepreneur who jumped online way back in the early days of the web.  In 1995, he launched a family-friendly called WorldVillage.com and it's still going strong enjoying thousands of visitors every day. 

But it was Joel's love of computer games that led to him co-creating ClassicGames.com a smash hit site which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, (it now goes under the name Yahoo! Games).

Today Joel is one of the world's most renowned authorities on generating cash with Google Adsense.  (Joel generates regular 5-figures monthly Adsense income - So as you can imagine he's also one of the most in-demand speakers on the seminar circuit). 

Joel is the author of, “Kontera AdLinks Secrets”, “Chitika eMiniMalls Secrets”, “How to Build Profitable Websites Fast!”, “Uncovering the Secrets of Google Adsense”.  And the New York Times Best-Seller - The AdSense Code.

If you want to know how to make money with contextual advertising this Adsense Success Interview is the best place to start!


Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

A TRUE Adsense Master

The secrets Joel shared is simply Mind Blowing. A must for every AdSense publisher! Period.

Bobby Leong
Is Adsense really dead or is it still alive and kicking? Joel is one that does "walk the talk" with it and he'll put an end to this controversial topic!

Joel covers many of the questions about Adsense in the most practical way! What is more important: page design, keywords, ads placing...? You’ll be amazed when you hear the answer!

The over 20 years of internet marketing, make him a great source of knowledge when it comes to this subject and not only that! ... He made me more aware of the power of Adsense and the fabulous income you can get from it! But as Joel says, you have to "run it like a business and not like a get rich scheme!" because it isn't one.

The insider tips that I've got from this interview are great and I recommend this one to anybody who wants to know their way trough the Adsense labyrinth!

Razvan Dobre


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To Your Success

Dom Cowen


P.S. Don't miss out - This exclusive interview is fully backed by a 60 day 100% total satisfaction guarantee - Order Adsense Success With Joel Comm entirely risk free and if for any reason you decide this information is not for you just let me know and I'll issue you with a prompt and courteous refund.

P.S.S. Want to see a dramatic change in your AdSense earnings?  Joel never has a day when he earns less than $500 (most days he makes over $1,000) - This is your chance to hear exactly how he does it and from which sites - Increase your passive income today



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