“ Discover How A Former UK Based Software Engineer Gained Fame & Fortune, 196,000 References In Google And The Admiration Of Thousands Of Internet Marketers Worldwide By Harnessing The Power Of Video . . . ”

Multimedia Pioneer, Louis Allport Has Already Created Over 40 Best Selling Video Based Products - Find Out Exactly How He Did It, And How You Can Use Video To Maximize Your Online Earnings Today !


From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

Would you like to hear about a sure-fire strategy to increase your online sales practically overnight?  Maybe you'd like to discover how to create 'high-end', high profit, products quickly and cheaply?  Or maybe you're looking to take your current business forward and keep up with the competition? 

All of those things (and much more) can be accomplished using video...  And contrary to what you may have been told, you can get started right now far easier and a lot cheaper than you may think...

Are You Future-Proofing Your Business?

It's not just a case of 'keeping up with the Jones's' or following the whim of fashion - It's also about satisfying the demands of your customers because in today's maturing Internet, ebooks and plain old, boring text pages just aren't cutting it like they used to...

For many online marketers the thought of using video is probably a scary prospect but in reality it's something you should be embracing like a long lost friend... It's not going away, and by deciding to just ignore it you could be signing the death warrant for your business's future. 

Seriously if you're not 'doing' video now you either will be soon or you'll be heading the way of the dinosaurs.

(What most marketers don't realize is just how easy and how cheap it can be to do...

With the increasing uptake of broadband access we’re seeing everything from movies to commercials, home videos to education, sales and marketing all using video nowadays.  And ordinary marketers are catching on because the need for flashy equipment and expensive software has gone -

Just like the Internet once leveled the playing field for small businesses to compete with the 'big boys' for new customers - now, new and emerging technology is here to help you keep those customers (and no matter how tight your budget)

And you're about to discover from one of Internet Marketing's true 'video pioneers' why you should be using this easy and simple to use technology right now to increase your sales, build bigger mailing lists and grow your businessthe easy way...

Presenting: 'Multimedia Marketing' with Louis Allport

Combo Package

Louis Allport is the highly successful, UK based marketer who is recognized as a one of pioneers of online video.

Using video, Louis has taughttens of thousands of marketers everything about using blogs, earning with Adsense, generating traffic, info-publishing, website security, software creation and programming and much, much more.

He's the creator of more than forty best selling video training and information products and he's been directly involved at every stage of their creation: research, product development and marketing

When it comes to Internet Marketing Louis really is the 'Go To Guy' and now for the first time, he's sharing everything he knows about video and multimedia for the web...

Here's Just Some Of Things Louis Discusses In This Interview:

Arrow The sure-fire strategy you can start using today to build instant credibility in practically any niche marketplace you choose.
Arrow Why the right kind of video can establish yourself as an 'bone-fide expert' in your chosen marketplace almost overnight.
Arrow How to create new products about subjects you know little or nothing about and in the shortest time possible.
Arrow The thought process you need to go through before deciding on what types of product to create (getting this right first time can generate huge sales volumes)
Arrow How to easily create 'high-end' video based products using just 4 simple to use, low cost software programs.
Arrow How to market your products so they bring in continual streams of new visitors to your sites.  (Use this tactic and never worry about SEO again!)
Arrow How to create viral and brandable PDF ebooks for free and how to use them to create highly targeted lists of subscribers.
Arrow How to effectively use video to pre-sell affiliate products and increase your commissions (plus more video ideas to increase order page conversions)
Arrow How to use short video clips to drive traffic to your websites for free (one example Louis gives brings in over 3,000 visitors a day)
Arrow Listen to Louis's comprehensive 8 point video product creation plan - (if you ever plan to use video online you simply must listen in to this section)
Arrow Important hosting tips and tricks to minimize your costs and protect your products  (these simple strategies will ensure your most important pages are always protected)

And Much, Much More (Running Time Over 90 minutes)

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

Louis Allport is a master of making instruction and tutorial videos for a variety of markets.

As one of the pioneers of this format, anyone can learn something from this interview with Louis. He goes into detail on his own process, including the software he uses with great success.

If you want to leap on the next wave of Internet communication, listen to this interview by one of the true experts! I learned a lot, and I'm sure you will too!

Jennifer Eriksen
I am very glad that I spent the time to listen to this interview with Louis Allport. Having a multimedia website or multimedia product make so much more sense now.

The number one thing that I took away from this fantastic interview is the idea that when selling ebooks you pretty much do not have to back up any claims vs. doing a video where what you see is what you get. That one phrase makes so much sense knowing that doing video gives you almost instant credibility!

You take the fear away from the trial and error by walking us through the products and services you use. Thanks for scaling this topic down and making it so much easier to understand and incorporate multimedia into our own sites.

Nick F. Sanders
I have many of Louis' video products and have always wondered how he does some of the stuff he does. In this interview, Louis answered those questions and much more.

At top of my head, I learnt really useful insights on how to create professional videos and what are the tools that are needed. His other tips such as how to use "pause" correctly made me realise how I could have done a better videos myself.

Even my concerns on how to handle the heavy video streaming bandwidth problem is answered in this audio interview. Awesome!  If you want to ride on the next wave of Internet Marketing through video creation, get this interview now.

Louis has given the big picture on what you need to know to create professional videos.

Keith Choy
Amazing Insight into Video Marketing

Louis strategies of using videos to increase sales makes so much sense. All I can say is that he is a true pioneer in video marketing. You will agree too after you hear this.

Bobby Leong
Louis thanks a lot for giving out your great information! I always thought of creating and hosting my own videos.  Now I know exactly how to do it and what to avoid.

Anyone who wants to tap into producing video online for profit should really listen to this interview. It will help and benefit you in a big way!

Patrick Schuppe

This interview is pure audio gold and we know you'll play it over and over getting more from it every time you do.

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To Your Success

Dom Cowen


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