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In This Insider Interview Veteran Affiliate Marketer, Willie Crawford, Reveals The Battle Tested Secrets You Can Use To Take A Brand New Internet Business Into Serious Profits In Just A Few Short Months


From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

If you've ever dipped your toes into the cut throat world of affiliate marketing it's likely you already know it's far from the 'walk in the park' most marketers make it out to be... In fact, despite the claims, the truth is that 95% of affiliates hardly make enough to cover their own costs (and in many cases affiliates lose more money than they ever make)

That's why I'm delighted you discovered my website - And if you've been trying to make it as an affiliate or you're looking to find out how to get it right first time (and save yourself years of hard work and frustration) then this page and today is one you'll remember for a long time to come :)

Because I'm offering you access to a genuine shortcut -

You're about to hear from one of the most respected and influential affiliate marketers working online today, Willie Crawford  And he's decided to lay it on the line with over an hour of kick butt, take no prisoners advice that will help you achieve your goals.

Willie has invested ten years of study, testing and tracking to find out the hard way what really works online and today he's opening the doors and letting you in...

"Overnight this powerful information could change the way you understand the entire online money making process..."

Get Willie's personal no holds barred success blue-print... You'll be able to eavesdrop as he talks in-depth with Simon and Jeremy about how anyone can get started online as an affiliate marketer and then build that fledgling business into a viable long term business. 

Willie shares everything you need to know so you can quickly start enjoying regular monthly income (into the thousands of dollars) and within just a few short months...

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Have you already tried and failed to make money online?  - Maybe you're doing okay but nowhere near as much as you'd like?

Or, maybe you just want to get started the right way? 

Then take some sage advice from an expert who's spent years in the marketing trenches...

Every minute of this audio session will help you build and grow your business - The tactics you'll hear are not only a sure fire way to save time & money but to also start pulling in profit faster than ever before

Right now you can access this 'must hear' recording and have it loaded into your Ipod or PC ready to go in just minutes - But then be prepared for some serious, straight talking from this world renowned and highly sought after marketing powerhouse...

Yes - Willie comes out all guns blazing... You'll hear in the first few minutes the exact reason why 95% of affiliate marketers are failing to make money online.  (chances are you're already committing this mistake right now and losing out big time) ...

... Understanding this one key concept will help you lay the foundations of a highly successful online business because done right - Affiliate Marketing can deliver consistent, monthly income...

How Much?  Well that still depends on you... but put these principals to work and it could be enough to pay for the big holiday you always dreamed of - To walk into your local car dealership and pay cash for your next car purchase - You could use the money to cover your kids education - Build a nest egg for a comfortable retirement  - Supplement your current income... Or even earn enough from an online business to ditch your day job and live debt free for the rest of your life....

(FACT: The wealthy 5% who know how to work the system are doing right now as you read this letter)

Here's just a little of the advice Willie shares in this call:

Arrow A crucial, crucial, crucial first step most people completely miss when trying to succeed as affiliate marketer (ultimately this mistake will kill any chance of success you may have.)
Arrow A proven strategy for earning regular, long-term income (you'll also discover how to recruit big name JV Partners...Willie is also a highly respected,  behind the scenes, JV Broker so you must listen to this)
Arrow Willie's favourite and easy to use software tool he uses to to promote products with (this increases conversion massively and sends customers directly to the 'buy it now button')
Arrow Why F _ _ _ _ is essential in all aspects of online marketing (fact: most affiliates don't have it and it's why they miss out on many sales)
Arrow The secret strategy Willie is using to overcome the increasing problems of email deliverability (and another related game-plan that'll bring in even more traffic to your sites)
Arrow How to promote products and claim affiliate sales in an fiercely competitive market place - (just follow this strategy and you'll make your voice heard above the constant 'me too' chatter.)
Arrow The alternate channels you should be using right now to ensure your messages get the maximum response (important for both now and in the future - Willie discusses the 4 methods he's already using to keep orders coming in.)
Arrow What you must do to successfully capture the hearts and minds of your subscribers - (Willie is expert at building solid bonds with his lists... so much so that he regularly gets emails from subscribers asking him for his affiliate links to new products.)
Arrow The constant message you should be sending in all your communications to site visitors, subscribers and contacts (recognizing this is one point is incredibly powerful - it's application will set you apart from 99.9% of other marketers online)
Arrow How to never pick a 'bad product' again...  Hear first hand about the warning signs to look for when picking products to promote - (sadly, some vendors are deliberately trying to rip affiliates off... stick to Willie's rules and you'll avoid be scammed and ripped off by the bad guys)

In a nutshell you'll discover how to transform yourself into a highly sought after 'super-affiliate' -

It's the ultimate goal and it sure does come with some added benefits:

Arrow You'll have other marketers and online merchants queuing round the block to work with you (and promote your own products when you release them).
Arrow You'll be offered higher levels of commissions and more valuable incentives than your competitors.  (merchants already offer of thousands of dollars in prizes to their top performers - learn how to get on the leader boards and win these competitions)
Arrow You'll soon have a mailbox full of complimentary products week after week.
Arrow And you get to decide what you want to promote and when you want to promote it giving you the freedom to run your business to your timetable

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

A MUST for any affiliates.

Willie highlighted the mistakes many affiliates make and shares on How to become a True Super Affiliate!

If you want to earn long term residual income in affiliate marketing, then you MUST note Willie's affiliate strategies.

Bobby Leong
Thanks a lot Willie for doing this interview. You really have opened my ayes to understand why I did not succeed yet on affiliate marketing.

I did make every single mistake you have talked about. I lost a lot of money with affiliate marketing.  Now after listening to your interview I will change the way I do affiliate marketing completely!

I absolutely highly recommend this interview to anyone who is in affiliate marketing or looking for to start it. It will save your time, efforts and money - It’s the real deal!! You may not find this information anywhere else!

Patrick Schuppe


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To Your Success

Dom Cowen


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