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From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

Jason James had hit rock bottom - He watched helplessly as his brand new sports car was being towed away by the repo man. . .  He was getting daily calls from the debt collectors, his account at the bank was a deep shade of red - Worse still his 4 credit cards were simply maxed out . . .

Could it get any worse?  In a word YES. . . He got fired from his job and his girlfriend of 3 years walked out, leaving him with the words 'loser' ringing in his ears... in his own words he had

'the worst attitude anybody could possibly have'.

So what happened, what turned it around?  - Within just a few short years life for Jason is so far removed from the dark days he probably wouldn't even recognize his former self -

He's flying high..

Now he's a highly accomplished and sought after speaker, a top gun marketing consultant with expertise in membership site creation, internet marketing, joint ventures, product launches, motivational tactics and strategic planning.  And most recently he's training marketers around the world how to increase their order rates by using audio and video online.

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We had to find out his secrets. 

We needed to discover the mindset change that has brought him to these incredible successes because we knew it could help so many other people...

And because Jason decided to talk openly you now have the chance to share in this life changing information.

If you sell anything online you owe it to yourself to listen in to this call . . .

Here Are Just A Few Of The Things Jason Reveals:

Arrow The 4 key elements of mindset he learnt in his four years duty as a US Army Marine that transformed his life and gave him the power to create a string of successful online businesses.
Arrow How he got started working evenings and weekends to become an eBay power seller and the 'mind-switch' that rocketed him to online success.
Arrow How his first 'big' product actually created itself and how you can use this information to create a string of highly successful products.
Arrow The three critical elements you must monitor in any successful launch (any one of these could let you down big time and cost you tens of thousands of dollars...it happens all the time, don't become a statistic)
Arrow Jason's secret tactic that helped one of his sites generate over $300,000 in less than a month and why exactly it worked.
Arrow How a new launch pulled in over $100K in one day despite going up against massive competition (He also talks about a late night frantic phone call with another marketer that made them both thousands)
Arrow The real reason why you must build membership style products - And the tactics to keep people paying month after month
Arrow The two golden rules you must stick to before you launch any kind of product
Arrow The three strategies you must apply to get your JV promotions noticed (Jason used these to recruit 30 top marketers who not only marketed his product but they actually created it for him)
Arrow The sneaky forum marketing tactic you can use to build a buzz for your product launch
Arrow Why Jason now uses video on his sales pages and how it can instantly help you build trust and rapport with your own prospects
Arrow Why you must consider outsourcing if you're aiming for six figure launches - (Jason reveals exactly what he got others to do, why, but most importantly the tasks you must do yourself)
  And Much, Much More . . .

This interview is pure audio gold and we know you'll play it over and over getting more from it every time you do.

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

I discovered Jason James in January 2007, and he's really impressed me from the start. Very early on in this interview Simon and Jason discussed the reason that 95%-99% of people fail to find success online.

For me, the call highlighted the importance of your mindset in finding your success. You can listen to as many guru's as you want, but as Jason mentions, if you don't have the right mindset you'll fail miserably. Listen to this interview with Jason and discover how his mindset was a key driver for his own success!

Jennifer Eriksen
Jason James brings with him a determination that see a lot in this world, but what is different is Jason learned how to hone and focus this energy and produced something that I don’t even think he thought was possible.

One thing that stands out from his interview with Simon and Jeremy is how he used an old but very effective tactic that I used to get my first good paying job. He persevered and kept coming back. I remember my old boss saying, “you are here so much anyway, you might as well earn some money”.

Jason opened my eyes and made it very clear why membership sites are very important and why people join them.

Nick F. Sanders
Thank you Jason for showing us everything that’s involved in a successful product launch!

In my opinion the information given on this interview is priceless because it makes the difference if you have an successful launch or a failure.  Thanks again! Well done Jason:-)

Patrick Schuppe

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Dom Cowen


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