“When Legendary Marketer Ted Nicholas Confessed He Didn't Know The Answer To My Question I Was Shocked - But His 'Alternative' Response Was So Powerful It Changed The Way I'll Think About Business Forever”

Here's Your Chance To Crawl Inside The Mind Of A True Marketing Genius And Discover First Hand His Powerful, Sales Boosting Secrets...

This Is The Kind Of Information They'll Never Teach You In School


From: Dom Cowen
Date: Monday 10th August, 2020

Dear Marketing Top Gun,

When Ted Nicholas first went into business he was in debt to the tune of $96,000 and the future looked bleak - He quickly realized the little cash his small business was making fell short of his monthly outgoings.  He had to think and act fast...

But then necessity led him to a novel idea.  Digging deep into the little reserves of cash he had left Ted came up with a genius master plan to draw in the crowds

BINGO!  It worked (and far more than he could have ever imagined ), Amazingly, Ted's simple idea led him to make a magical discovery that changed the rest of his life.

And what a life . . . Today Ted Nicholas is without question the living, breathing embodiment of entrepreneurial success - He's a successful international speaker and author, an expert marketing consultant, and one of the most successful and highest paid copywriters in the world.

For anyone in business (of any kind) Ted's story is truly inspirational.  You'll discover how from the basement of his home he laid the foundations of a publishing empire.  (Ted has written and published 56 Best Selling books and you'll learn direct from him how he did it ... )  And you know what?

You'll also hear first hand about the insider techniques and strategies that Ted used to generate in EXCESS OF $4.9 BILLION DOLLARS in sales for himself and his clients - (amazingly he did it with little more than a yellow jotter pad and a pencil.)

So... Get ready to spend a mind blowing 99 minutes in the company of a marketing legend and grab a business education like no other!

This is 'life changing listening' and it's yours for the taking...

You'll hear the answers that could literally explode your business growth and earnings.  And you'll gain privileged access to a wealth of advice and knowledge that other marketers and business owners have paid thousands to hear. 

And get ready to be inspired because we guarantee you'll be brimming with new ideas and your mind will be racing with excitement just thinking about how to put Ted's suggestions into action.

Presenting... Master Copywriting With Ted Nicholas

Combo Package

As soon as you start listening to Master Copywriting with Ted Nicholas it'll be obvious that this is unlike any interview you've heard before...

No more theory, no more guesswork and no more fluff - Ted's been there, done it and sold the T-shirts and now he's handing you his best kept secrets!

You'll discover how Ted elevated himself from adversity and financial obscurity to millionaire status in just 3 short years.

The fact that you have read this far tells me you're a serious entrepreneur or a business owner who recognizes the benefits of learning from an genuine master.  And you will -

When it comes to direct-response marketing, advertising, publishing online & offline copywriting you'll find no finer teacher - Ted has run more space ads than any other marketer in the US in the last 50 years ...

... And he's also run thousands of marketing tests, spent millions of his own money to research exactly what gets customers to buy now and buy more.

Here's Just A Tiny Fraction Of The Wealth Of Ideas You'll Discover In This Exclusive Interview

Arrow Discover the 3 key questions you must answer before starting to write a sales letter (and these answers will turn a simple sheet of paper into your first draft of powerful copy).
Arrow How to create sales letters that will explode your conversion rates (Even if you can't write a simple letter home, this one technique, will guarantee your words pull orders faster than a speeding bullet.)
Arrow Discover how important it is to get 'the sequence' right when you're creating your marketing materials (this is vital to a successful campaign)
Arrow How to release a flow of creativity every time you sit down to write (Many people get brain freeze at those critical moments never let it happen to you)
Arrow What really works - (Long Vs. Short Copy)... After thousands of tests Ted really knows the truth! (But discover the exception to the rule that will kill your orders dead.)
Arrow How to create powerful attention grabbing bullets that propel your readers to the 'buy it now' button.
Arrow Discover how to persuade your readers to follow your commands with a strong call to action that delivers results.
Arrow How to work Ted's 'formula' into your guarantees so they'll actually work like mini order magnets in your sales materials.
Arrow Learn how to use testimonials to devastating effect, create instant credibility and maximise your order conversions.
Arrow Stop your emails and regular mailings getting junked within 3 seconds of your prospect receiving them.  (Ted reveals a simple to avoid mistake that turns people off instantly.)
Arrow Discover the little known 'signature secrets' that will increase buyer confidence in all your products and services.
Arrow Discover Ted's power 'PS tactics' that can tip people over the edge and get them to buy right there and then...
Arrow The Secret that Rich People Know That Poor People Do Not and the 2 key skills to master to become successful.
Arrow Discover what Ted believes will help anyone become more successful and his top tips to generate tens of thousands of dollars hands free.
Arrow Ted's 'Tap Dance To Work' formula for life and the 4 key elements you must get in balance for success.

If you're a student of copywriting then this exclusive interview must be added to your collection today

But if you're an entrepreneur or a small
business owner these nuggets of wisdom
could literally change the rest of your life. . .

Here's What I'm Talking About . . .


Already a student of copywriting? - Have you ever followed all the rules in your sales copy but it still bombed for a client? 

Alarmingly this happens all the time but no one ever tells you why, (or more importantly how to fix it).  Well Ted talks about this in depth, you'll discover the ingredient you missed so it'll never happen to you again.


How often do you get to hear about the mistakes?  Even though mistakes often make for good learning experiences, most top marketers shy away from confessing to any...

In this section Ted talks frankly about his biggest blunder and how it cost him a staggering $350,000.00 in one campaign. As your business expands the risk of this happening gets very real - Remembering what you learn here will stop it happening to you.


Do you use order forms?  - If so, do you know if they're working for you or are they turning your prospects away in droves?

Discover exactly how to create powerful forms that work - (After listening to this section of the interview you'll understand how to craft order forms so powerful they'll sell your product for you on their own.)


Do you create information products?  Then you're in for a treat...

Ted has sold Millions of Dollars worth of 'how to' products and you'll get to hear about the very essence of why people buy them.  (Understanding this common human desire and knowing how to create products to satisfy this demand will change your life!)


Discover Ted's thoughts on why you shouldn't sell 'books' - Amazing coming from a man who has published over 50 Best Sellers !!!

Instead listen to Ted reveal the 'thing' people really want and how to use this knowledge to create a lifetime of financial freedom for yourself...

Just Take A Look At What People Are Saying About This Incredible Interview

As a student of copywriting, I've always read and studied Ted Nicholas' adverts and sales letters. Having sold for hundreds of millions of dollars, it's worth paying attention to him.

Ted mentioned in this interview some crucial questions you should ALWAYS ask about the copy you write. If you don't ask those questions, your copy fails to produce, it's as simple as that.

Listen to Ted, write down those questions, and make sure you ALWAYS ask yourself, every single time you write. That alone will be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you!

Jennifer Eriksen
Ted's Master Copywriting does it again, I been following Ted Nicholas Teaching for over 15 years and just listening to this was a great reference to why this guy is known as the copywriters copywriter, in a candid chat with Simon and Jeremy you are given the keys to writing the best type of copy, the magic of using the right words, his stories remind you of what you should be doing, with tips on how to get that order and where most people go wrong, its not about school grammar, its about appealing to the emotions of the customer.

They talk about long copy verses short copy, he gives great tips on where you should start, what questions you need to ask yourself about what your sale letter is really about, Headlines, Secrets about how to write your Benefits, Testimonials, Guarantees, Call to Actions and even how your Signature should look on your Sales Copy.

As a marketer I spend a lot time and money finding the best products for my customers, and if you want a well grounded view on the key to copywriting success then this is a no brainer, Ted gives some extra advice like Studying to Invest in Yourself, Passive Income, why Pay Check to Pay Check is a waste of time. Learn to Sell, Direct Marketing Skills.

Paul Phillips
Awesome, awesome, awesome! I have to tell you that the Ted Nicolas interview hits absolutely right on the money. He goes on and on and on with hard hitting, good stuff like you can't believe. It's like being in a live seminar. It's that good!

We all know that the key to marketing any product or service successfully depends on your ability to communicate the right message to the right market.

In this interview you get it all spelled out for you step-by-step, as if he's sitting right next to you on the living room sofa. Good stuff! You don't want to miss this one.

William Level
I have been following Ted copywriting tips since his book "Magic Words That Bring You Riches" and his "Success Margin" newsletter. Being a copywriter's copywriter, Ted has much to offer (and he does it generously).

In this audio interview, Ted provides great insights into long copy vs short copy, what to put into guarantees, how NOT to build a order form, how to write your sales copy ... and much much more to list here.

This is definitely a good summary of what I need to re-focus on for my copy.  Being a marketer myself, I also found Ted's last 10 tips the most useful to my online business. I will be putting his "Tap dance to work" tip to use immediately.

Keith Choy
Truly insightful! I am glad I listened to this interview. Some of the areas Ted covered have made me realize that most if not all of my sales pages covered only a few of the questions a real copywriter should be covering in a sales letter if they expect sell any product or service on the internet.

While my copy is above average, I realize it can be MUCH BETTER and has provided me with a mini blue print to revamping my my existing sites and ensuring I don't make the same mistakes with my new sales letters.

A must hear for anyone who does their own sales copy and wants to present a professional first impression.

Allen Lundy
I have written simple 2 and 3 page letters that have generated millions of dollars in extra sales in for over 500 different Australian businesses

Right from the start, Ted Nicholas has been one of my biggest mentors. I definitely would not be where I am today without his teachings.

If you need show-me-the-money results...

1. Grab this product.

2. Do what Ted says.

3. You'll make money.

It's that simple.

Chris Bloor
Add what Ted Nicholas about copywriting with a dash of video and you've got one heck of a combination.  The video gold rush is starting on the Internet and now you can stand out from the crowd.  Listen and take action!

Jay Douglas

Jay Douglas
This Should Be Taught in ALL Business Schools!

Ted's Copyrighting is a GEM. You will sell more products you can ever imagine with his strategies. A must for EVERY marketers! Online or Offline! I have learnt much from Ted.

Bobby Leong
This is an exceptional audio interview without doubt.

Teds' wealth of experience and the success he has achieved is 'social proof' in itself. His every sentence contains hidden gems that Simon and Jeremy coax from the great man with ease.

Leslie Heywood
Being a professional writer for the past 20 years the art of writing and specifically copywriting really took on a different perspective with this interview.

Ted really gave me a different insight into the writing profession.

I can't find enough words that can justify how good this interview is.

Jim Moore
Ted I was blown away listening to this!! I am really exited after listening and making a ton of notes about copywriting.

To be honest I until today hated copywriting because I thought I will never do it as well as the sales letters out there... Now I know from your interview that I can fall in love with my own message and write my emotions. I am a very emotional person so I know for sure I will have no problems any longer to attract a lot of people.

Thanks so much Ted for this amazing content!!

Patrick Schuppe
I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E ! This interview will change the way you write forever!  There are so many tips and insights in this one that you'll have to listen to it at least 3 times to really get it all!

After listening to this and writing the essential you'll know that you've hit the jackpot: hordes and hordes of new ideas and ways to make your sales letters sell like never before will pop up into your mind!!! Write them down and start using them NOW!

You simply have to have this interview if you want your products to sell and sell and never stop selling! Enter the mind of one of the most successful copywriters in the world and you'll never want to came out again!

It's like a ONE on ONE meeting with the Master Copywriter where he is showing you all his billion dollar secrets! Get your interview now before it's gone! This really gave me a ton of ideas and I bet it will hugely benefit anyone who listens to it and puts it to the test!

Razvan Dobre


This interview is pure audio gold and we
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more from it every time you do.

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To Your Success

Dom Cowen


P.S. This truly is inspirational listening... Just one of Ted's answers in this interview changed the whole way I think about my own business (actually he said he couldn't give me a direct answer to my question) but his response was far more than I could have imagined.  You'll hear my question and Ted's reply around 1 hour 18 minutes into the interview!!!




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