Face Facts
- Your website is a dinosaur...

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From: Dom Cowen
Date: Wednesday 6th December, 2023
Re: HELP -- My Website IS a Dinosaur!


Dear Marketer,

Your simple HTML website isn't cutting it anymore. And you know this. Years ago, when you first started, people may have told you that simple was the way to go.

"Create a simple website," they told you. "Avoid Java applications. Avoid anything that isn't basic HTML," they suggested.

At the time, this was great advice. Keeping your website simple made it more accessible to people who didn't yet have high-speed connections. So you kept your site simple. Everyone could use it, even if that mean sacrificing some high-end site features.

And this worked really well for you in the past...

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Your revenues are probably hurting from your oversimplified website. People cannot pay attention to it for any reasonable amount of time.

And if your revenues haven't dropped yet, they will be in for a long plunge in the future, as better options become available... and as virtually all of your potential customers upgrade to better computers and high-speed connections.

As if this weren't bad enough, there's a movement on the Internet-one that many prominent Internet-business owners have evangelized-called "Web 2.0." If you still have a fairly basic HTML site, you are woefully unequipped to compete with those who are gearing up for this movement...

The undercurrent behind the "Web 2.0" movement is to turn the content-production responsibilities over to the visitors, which is a revolutionary concept. Again, if you're using basic HTML, you're probably manufacturing all of the content yourself, purchasing some from experts, and creating your own products.

Visitors-NOT SITE OWNERS--Build Web 2.0 Sites!

Take Google's YouTube for example...

In the past, you could download various collections of video clips that site owners had aggregated. Now, USERS can upload videos. USERS can vote on videos that they like. And USERS can add metadata related to the videos.

Rather than the site owner bearing the responsibility of content-generation, the responsibility now falls on the users. All the site owners have to do is mediate disputes, remove illegal and inappropriate content, and drive traffic to the site.

Not only does this cut costs and allow the site owner to concentrate on traffic generation, but it also builds a sense of community-one which all web 1.0 sites sorely lack.

Again, if you're still working off of some old, crude web 1.0 template, you know this. You know that your site visitors cannot interact with your site. You know this cuts down on the total amount of time they spend on your site per visit; and you also know it reduces your chances of making money from their visits.

By now, you might want to switch over to a web 2.0 format badly, but you may be unfamiliar with everything involved in the transition. You might not be familiar with XML, SOAP, WSD, RDF, and Atom. You might not have the slightest clue what AJAX means-or what it means for your site.

Up until this point, your hesitancy to switch formats and your lack of understanding of the web 2.0 movement have forestalled action which could have improved your site.

Now that you know this, it's time to take some action. It's time to determine how web 2.0 concepts can improve your site and how you can EASILY implement them.

Luckily, you can learn all of this in a short afternoon.

"How?" you ask. Let me introduce a solution hand-tailored just for you...

How to Make Money Using Web 2.0

It's time to start making money with your website. Stop sluggishly churning out your own content and slapping it on a boring, non-interactive HTML template. Revolutionize your site and your profit-potential by using formats that conducive to USER and COMMUNITY participation...

Revolutionize your site using web 2.0 concepts

Right now, the whole process might sound daunting, but it wont be after you learn the techniques in this ebook, Web2.0Cash In fact, you can implement most web 2.0 concepts without gaining any additional technical expertise or hiring experts.

After reading this ebook...

  • You will understand the basics of web 2.0. Most people don't really understand what Web 2.0 is or how it can help them. If you fall into this category, reading this ebook will help clear up a lot of misconceptions.

  • You will be able to use the powerful technical and functional elements of web 2.0. Again, you don't need to have a computer science degree to understand this. You just need to be willing to finally break free from providing static content; you need to be open to new ideas that have radically-powerful profit potential.

  • You will be able to implement community-building features that will put your site on auto-pilot. This is absolutely critical in web 2.0 development. In fact, the entire concept behind web 2.0 sites is to develop something that is self-updating-that generates its own content and that involves users in the entire process.

  • You will be able to MARKET-yes, market-your site using Web 2.0, too. One chapter in this ebook is dedicated to this alone.

...Last, this ebook will teach you a number of important types of Web 2.0 development, including social marketing, traffic generation, business-to-business networking, social bookmaking, and affiliate program building.

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