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From The Desk Of: Dom Cowen
Date:  Wednesday 6th December, 2023

Dear Business Friend,

Let’s start by saying how privileged you are to have secured a copy of this book, as it might not be available for long. There are many a marketers that would rather you not read this pertinent and somewhat disturbing information.

The factual basis of this information is unquestioned, and this could put many of your favorite marketers in a light you maybe not used to seeing them in. What’s more, seeing these secrets revealed may also be especially difficult for those who depend on using them to deceive their customers into making impulse sales.

You are about to read is what many would deem controversial…

At the very least you will learn how to identify when you are being manipulated and at best you will become able to implement these skills to improve your own sales and build better relationships with your customers.  I would like to think that you will not use what you learn to trick your potential customers into sales, but rather use the skills to empower your customers to see the true potential of your products.

Some would refer to these skills as ‘black hat’ and argue against their use and even the publication of this book - We disagree – Our goal here is to bring these skills to your attention, to inform and educate you our reader.

Those that wish to remain ignorant should read no more, but if you are ready to learn what the sales professionals working on the darker side of marketing have been up to for years, read at your own risk of becoming more educated, and more powerful in your business dealings.

Millions Through Mind Control
(A Meeting With Dr. X)

Millions Through Mind Control

What lessons can be gleamed from these skills to help you profit?

The answer is surprisingly simple, and unbelievably powerful.

The answer is so amazing, it might not make sense until you put it into action, and truly reap the rewards. This is something that we could refer to as the ‘quality key’.

If you take the methods described throughout this book, and add in quality and honesty to the mix, you will create a monster of a sales pitch that can convert even the most stubborn of visitors to buyers.


Outlined Below Are Just Some Of The Areas Covered That You'll Read Inside This Exciting New Book:

  How to harness the power to turn your prospects into buying customers with hypnotic words that will empower them to purchase, join, and hang onto every word on your web pages, newsletters, sales pages, speeches (and any other kind of communication).

  How to use secret 'embed commands' to plant a thought in the mind of another person (actually just beneath their conscious awareness).  This can give you the power to direct people to take certain or specific actions.

  How to gain the almost immediate trust of another person - This can be used in all situations using a highly covert 'unconscious connection' technique.

  Dr X's 82 hypnotic phrases that can aid you in influencing your prospects to take action.  (Use these online or pepper them throughout your conversations to influence everyone you come into contact with)

  Discover the 3 critical elements you must include in your headlines that will control the mind of your website visitors and get them to read more.

  How to tap into the seven areas of human desire that literally make people spend money (includes detailed examples of how to use each trigger that will leave your customers franticly searching for their credit cards)

  How to use fonts and colours on your sales pages to secretly influence your web visitors and get them hooked on your sales message.

  Rarely discussed formatting secrets that you can use to exert even more influence on your visitors (this section includes Dr. X's special 'scoring chart' to help you implement this tactic properly.)

  How to use 13 special phrases in your web copy or speech to combine any number of powerful commands giving you the ability to maximize their power.

  How to use a powerful 'questioning technique' that will convince customers the decision to buy was theirs alone.

  Little known psychological trigger commands and visualization techniques that will appeal to the emotions of your prospects (done right these techniques work like a nuclear bomb in getting people to hunt down your order buttons.)

  Dr. X's 'Secret Formula' - using this ingenious formula in your sales messages will practically guarantee you increased sales.  (find it, with examples on page 43)

  Dr. X's 'Alphabet of Power Words' This list are examples of the most powerful hypnotic words that can be used for your sales copy, web pages, or even while having a conversation

  And Much, Much More . . .

'Anyone Marketing Online - Or Even Just Buying Online Needs To Understand These Techniques - It's A Must Read...'


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