"Michael Cheney's Affiliate Millions"

"34-Year Old English Man Discovers The Secret To Affiliate Marketing And Gets Blasted From A Poxy $90,131 Apartment To a $820,398 Mansion.."

My old house

This is the tiny $90,131 one-bed apartment where MIchael Cheney used to live
BEFORE he discovered the SECRET to Affiliate Marketing


Michael Cheney's house

This is Michael Cheney's $820,398 dream house where he lives now


From the desk of Michael Cheney

You know what it's like - you see a product that looks good and you buy it thinking it's the answer to all your problems.

But it doesn't work.

You first come onto the Internet and all you're bombarded with is promotions and offers all telling you the same thing - making money from affiliate marketing is easy!

"If Making Money From Affiliate Marketing Is So Easy Why Isn't Everyone Cashing In On It Like I Am?"

You see - I've been online since 1995. I have literally spent thousands and thousands of hours learning affiliate marketing and spending small fortunes on affiliate marketing products.

It's been a long, lonely and painful journey but I've made it here to tell you the story!

You start off and everything looks rosy for you doesn't it?

You hear about stories of riches over night and before you know it you have invested in some so-called solution that does nothing but empty your wallet and smash your dreams into even tinier pieces.

And this is the biggest pain of all.

The fact that you start blaming yourself. Like there's something YOU could have done differently or something that YOU haven't quite done right or correctly understood.

But that's the point - it's NOT YOUR FAULT. It's not your fault at all..

"You Have Been Lied To - Affiliate Marketing Is NOT Easy UNLESS You Have a PROVEN, TIME-TESTED
System You Can Follow.."

If you're anything like I was when I started out then you've tried different approaches, joined different programs and maybe made a little money (or not!) and you're starting to feel FRUSTRATED, CONFUSED, LOST and ANGRY at the whole situation.

You are not alone. There are thousands of people out there who just desperately want to make some money from affiliate marketing but have found it impossible to do up until now..

..so why has it been so difficult for you to make money as an affiliate?

You have not been told the full story.

This is an all-time classic and I hear about it all the time. You buy a course or program and it leaves out some key element. Don't you just HATE that?!

You start getting into the course and you think "this is pretty good" and then all of sudden something comes up where you are ASSUMED to have already made a giant leap that you don't know how to do.

You feel ripped off and alone.

This is a feeling you know just as well as I do. In the 13 plus years that I've been online learning all this stuff I have been ripped off, let down and burned more times than I care to remember but you know what?

After all this pain and loss I have made it this far and I now know why this is. To share my message and my knowledge with you.

You see - I want to finally LEVEL THE PLAYING field and make it possible for you to make the money online that you truly deserve.

You DO deserve to make the money you want online. I know I felt that way when I first started out and now I make 5-figures and 6-figures PER MONTH and you can do this too.

You know by now that I've been around the affiliate marketing block a few times and it's taken me years of painfully slow progress and costly trial and error to get to a position where I am now making literally millions of dollars online.

You want to know the good news?

You can COPY my entire blueprint for affiliate marketing success. You can just swipe the whole system for yourself and roll it out for your own affiliate marketing.

PLEASE: if you get anything from this page please let it be this - learn from my lesson, it has taken me over THIRTEEN YEARS to discover the secret to affiliate marketing and you can get it directly from me on this page. OR you can try and work it all out for yourself and take the long, painful, expensive, lonely route..

Just In Case You've Not Heard of Me
Here's Proof That You Will Make
a LOT of Money
By Following My Advice

You're about to see some pictures of me enjoying life, living the Internet lifestyle and generally having a blast..

..what you need to realize is that I am not showing you these pictures to boast. This is just to show you what YOU can achieve.

If I can do this - and I started out with LESS than nothing in a crappy one-bed apartment doing drink and drugs with my life going nowhere, fast - then you can copy my exact system and do even better!

Michael Chene on NBC live

This is me speaking live on NBC television - I was invited on
there to speak about one of my Internet businesses


Michael Cheney speaking live Las Vegas

I get invited to speak all over the world at prestigious
Internet marketing events - this is me in Las Vegas at the World Internet Summit


Michael Cheney speaking live Daytona Beach

Here I am again speaking to a packed seminar
in Daytona Beach, Florida

What You're About To See
Is Not A Dream, This Is My Reality And It Can Be Yours Too...

Caribbean Vacation

Here I am chilling out in the Caribbean during
one of my EIGHT vacations in the past 12 months


Cheney and Ferrari

Unlocking the SECRET to affiliate marketing has
brought lots of perks including being able to
drive a Ferrari around Las Vegas (I even took
this bad boy over the Hoover Dam!)


Michael Cheney in Grandy Canyon

People ask me if get bored taking so many
vacations! Eight vacations in 12 months is
great - I love it and it's all thanks to
what I know about affiliate marketing


Michael Cheney's house

This is my $820,398 dream house - bought with money from affiliate marketing

Michael Cheney surfing in Hawaii

In one of my eight vacations in the past 12 months I also
spent 3 weeks in Hawaii (on my honeymoon). This is a pic
of my first ever attempt at surfing. Not bad for and English guy eh?!

When You Unlock The Secret
To Affiliate Marketing You'll See That Product Owners Start Showering You With Cash, Cool Prizes and Even Vacations!

Cash!Cash!Cash! $26098.49 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

You can see that promoting this product netted me a princely $26098.49!

Cash!Cash!Cash! $9478.50 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

$9K Commissions

How would you like to get regular 4-figure payments into your PayPal account?


Cash!Cash!Cash! $10000 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

$10K PayPal

How would you like to get 4-figure payments into your PayPal account every week?


Cash!Cash!Cash! $14477 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

$14K Earnings

You can see that sometimes I don't manage to break the $20K mark -
this promotion 'only' earned me $14477!


Cash!Cash!Cash! $9681 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

Top promoter for this product netted me a cool $9681!

Cash!Cash!Cash! $3359 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

Competition Standings

This one made me $2609 PLUS a nice bonus of $750 - all for just sending an email!


Cash!Cash!Cash! $15362 PAY OUT! Cash!Cash!Cash!

Ipod Winner

You can see that I won an Ipod for this promotion alongside the commissions of $15,362!



me in Las Vegas

Some pics of me enjoying an all-expenses paid trip to Vegas (I won an affiliate contest and was rewarded with air fare, hotel accommodation and spending money in Las Vegas!)



the beast the beast

I came top in an affiliate contest and made $4029 AND won this
$2619 computer - I've nicknamed it "The Beast" because it is so hi-spec! :-)

So - you get the picture. When you unlock the SECRET to affiliate marketing you really do unlock a whole world of cash, vacations and cool gifts. I've won iPods, laptops, big screen projectors, thousands of dollars in cash, trips abroad, wine, games consoles, a huge plasma TV - you name it, I've won it!

You can see for yourself that I know what I'm talking about and that I can show you EXACTLY how to replicate my success with affiliate marketing. All you have to do is follow some simple STEP-BY-STEP videos. Are you ready?


You Are Getting To WATCH and
Then COPY My Entire
Affiliate Millions Blueprint

VIDEO #1. "How To Make Money as an Affiliate"

Video #1.

(Total Running Time: 8 min, 4 secs)

Tick You will never make any money as an affiliate unless you first conquer the ______ ___ _______ (2 min 11 secs)

Tick You will make more sales than 99% of all other affiliates just by using ______ ________ . (3 min 47 secs)

Tick You can easily double, triple and quadruple your affiliate commissions simply by ____________ (5 min 53 secs)

Tick You are getting 6 high-value killer free bonuses just by ______ ________ .
(7 min 51 secs)


VIDEO #2. "How To PinPoint The Most Profitable Products"

Video #2.

(Total Running Time: 15 min, 18 secs)

Tick You can get direct access to the best-selling, best-converting and best-paying affiliate products by ______ ________
(1 min 7 secs)

Tick You can choose the WINNING products to promote and avoid the LOSERS just by looking at ____ _______ (2 min 27 secs)

Tick You are guaranteed to make more sales for each product you promote just by taking 2 minutes to look at the _______ _______
(4 min 11 secs)

Tick You need to become a stealth affiliate ninja and discover the most powerful money-making tactics just by __________ and _________ ___ ______ . (5 min 7 secs)

Tick You can get secret tip-offs on the hottest-selling products and pinpoint the most-profitable products by _____ ________ .
(7 min 7 secs)

Tick You can explode your affiliate earnings by getting in the mind of your potential customers. The easiest way to do this (it only takes 7 minutes) is to _____ ________ .
(9 min 46 secs)


VIDEO #3. "How To Create Cascades of Cash With Killer Conversions"

Video #3.

(Total Running Time: 14 min, 4 secs)

Tick You will whip your visitors into a rabid buying frenzy by giving them the following SEVEN SECRET ELEMENTS - ______, ______,______,______,______,______ and ________ (2 min 19 secs)

Tick You can make three times as many sales just by making sure the affiliate products you promote have a _______ ________ .
(6 min 23 secs)

Tick You will leave your competitors in the dust and blast your affiliate commissions through the roof by simply using _______ with your affiliate promotions. (10 min 57 secs)


VIDEO #4. "How To Power Up Your Profits Using TV's Secret Formula"

Video #4.

(Total Running Time: 10 min, 12 secs)

Tick You will sell more of every single product you promote by copying the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SECRET SELLING FORMULA used on TV - just use ______,______ and ________ !
(1 min 7 secs)

Tick You just need to harness THREE SIMPLE elements in your promotions to skyrocket your affiliate earnings and it works every single time! (2 min 19 secs)

Tick You will squeeze out 20% to 40% MORE SALES on every single affiliate promotion you do just be mentioning _______ in your promotions. (5 min 37 secs)

Tick You will have people LINING UP, DESPERATE to buy every single thing you recommend when you include _________ in your affiliate messages. (8 min 32 secs)


VIDEO #5. "How To Create Hungry Hordes of Happy Buyers"

Video #5.

(Total Running Time: 35 min, 12 secs)

Tick You can make 5-figures from one affiliate promotion just like I do by ________ ______ .
(2 min 15 secs)

Tick You will have people begging to buy affiliate products from you when you use ________ (and NO, it's not about using bonuses). (3 min 14 secs)

Tick You will whip people into a white heat of desperate-to-buy readiness by using the simple tactic of ___________
(5 min 14 secs)

Tick You can instantly push the most powerful persuasion points in the mind of your prospects just by taking to 5 minutes to get _______ from ____ _______ (29 min 9secs)


VIDEO #6. "How To Activate Auto Pilot Affiliate Riches"

Video #6.

(Total Running Time: 18 min, 57 secs)

Tick You can earn several hundred dollars a month on affiliate autopilot like me just by using a ______ ______ .
(3 min 49 secs)

Tick You will instantly get more money coming into your affiliate business when you start _______ __ ______ for every product you promote. (2 min 11 secs)

Tick You can easily add $500 or $1000 in extra commissions every time you promote by using these THREE KILLER COMPONENTS: ______, ______ and ________ .
(12 min 57 secs)


VIDEO #7. "How To Create a Cash-Erupting Volcano Using Viral Video"

Video #7.

(Total Running Time: 11 min, 58 secs)

Tick You will dramatically increase your affiliate earnings by using video when you use this great FREE tool to help you do it - __________ . (47 secs)

Tick You are going to make FOUR or even FIVE times more affiliate sales just by creating a _______, ________ or __________ .
(1 min 2 secs)

Tick You will get tons of traffic coming into your affiliate offers by visually including your affiliate link in your videos - you can add this in really easily just by _____ ___ _____ .
(7 min 17 secs)

Tick You can create a massive viral video campaign totally for free with NO CAMERA, NO SOFTWARE and NO COST by using _____, _____ and ______ . (10 min 04 secs)


VIDEO #8. "How To Turn On a Tornado of Traffic To Your Affiliate Offers"

Video #8.

(Total Running Time: 17 min, 40 secs)

Tick You can bypass the "Google Slap" and rake in big affiliate commissions using AdWords by using three simple tactics - ________, ________ and ___________ . (51 secs)

Tick You will get more traffic clicking on your offers just by making sure that you ____ ________ and have a _______ ___________ .
(1 min, 55 secs)

Tick You can get a highly-ranked, viral web page promoting your affiliate links for FREE by using _______ . (3 min, 11 secs)


VIDEO #9. "How To Create Money Magnets"

Video #9.

(Total Running Time: 12 min, 21 secs)

Tick You can attract masses of red hot buyers into your website by using 3 main types of money magnets ___________ . (1 min 7 secs)

Tick You can create high quality content that makes people WANT to buy from you now and forever using ___________ . (3 min 26 secs)

Tick You will be able to create money magnets that suck swarms of visitors into your website using the cheapest, quickest, easiest way possible which is to ___ _______ .
(5 min 5 secs)


VIDEO #10. "How To Get a List of Red Hot Prospects"

Video #10.

(Total Running Time: 10 min, 23 secs)

Tick You can dramatically boost your affiliate earnings by getting three things - the ________, the ______ and ______ .
(1 min 27 secs)

Tick You can easily sell more affiliate products without having to be pushy or salesmanlike by just applying the three principles of E___________, E_________ and E_______ing.
(2 min 50 secs)

Tick You can build your list of red hot prospects easily just by ______ __ ___________ .
(4 min 7 secs)

You Don't Have To Just Take My Word For It..
You Can See What Other People Are Saying..

Neil Shearing"Hi Michael,

Your "Affiliate Millions" product is an exceptional series of movies explaining *exactly* how the affiliate industry works, and how a newbie affiliate can grab their share of the explosion in commissions earned from online sales.

Even people who know the "ins and outs" of affiliate marketing will find your insights valuable. I know I did, and I've been selling online since 1997! :-)

It's most definitely a top-class course that everyone interested in making money as an affiliate will truly benefit from."

Neil Shearing, UK. NeilShearing.com

David Wilkinson"Being an affiliate marketing product owner myself, it's rare for me to give the thumbs up to another product which is pretty much competing with my own. But Affiliate Millions truly is a fantastic startup guide for beginners who're fedup of confusing lingo and complicated instructions. Michael's step-by-step videos really are the best you'll find anywhere on the topic and I'll be looking forward to getting started with some of the steps Michael's covered which I perhaps hadn't thought about before... Thanks again Mike!"

David Wilkinson, Manchester, UK. AffiliateDefined.com

John Warda"Michael, you have outdone yourself again my friend. What I love most about all of your products is that you always give more that I expect to get. Affiliate Millions provides step-by-step instruction that is straight forward and so easy to follow. The way you deliver the content in video, pdf and mp3 is perfect for me as well. I personally start off by watching the video and instead of taking notes, I just concentrate on the video content. Then I print out the PDF and highlight all of the important parts. I'm also going to put your mp3's to good use by listening to them and learn while I do my boring workouts every morning! Thanks!"

John Warda, Missasauga, Canada, http://affiliatemarketinglife.blogspot.com

Matt Mazur"I’ve had the chance of getting to know Michael on an 8-day long cruise in the Caribbean a couple weeks ago, and since then we’re become friends and talk several times a week. And I must say, Michael is one of themost generous people I have ever met, he’s always ready to spend time sharing great money-making advice and brainstorm. With all the ‘B.S.’ going in on internet marketing, with all the ‘wannabes’ and scammers out there, Michael stands out as a genuine helper and an extremely smart marketer."

Matt Mazur, Switzerland

Paulo Roberto"Michael Cheney is a genius...he is making my life much easier and gave me hope after I lost my job, now me and my family can have hope, I must say that I am very very happy. Michael Cheney makes everything easier for everybody....Thank you Mr. Cheney...Thank you very very much."

Paulo Roberto, Brasil

David Watson"Michael, I'd just like to thank you for all your assistance and guidance that you have provided me as a mentor. I am absolutely certain that I would not have been able to achieve many of the things that I have done in the last few months without your help and guidance. Your insight, suggestions, and guidance, have been priceless, and put a lot of money in the bank for me."

David Watson, Cyprus

Todd Fiegel"In a world of "gurus," Michael Cheney stands among few, for a true guru not only possesses comprehensive knowledge, but also an ability and willingness to share it with those who desire to learn.

A highly effective teacher, Michael is one of only a few mentors I've worked with who truly has a genuine concern for my success. Whether it is to help me hone an idea or gain an otherwise overlooked perspective, or to willingly share with me his limitless font of success-generating techniques and insight, he has always been available.

As a professor and graduate advisor myself, I recognize that the best teachers are those whose guidance and personal integrity extend far past the actual "tuition." When you add to that magnetic personal warmth, it is immediately understandable why he is a terrific friend and colleague to so many of us and a valuable resource to the profession as a whole. Our profession grows because of people like Michael Cheney."

Todd Fiegel, Utah, USA

"This time last year I was in a mess - my mum had died suddenly, depression hit me bad, my business got neglected and I had to declare bankruptcy.

Being single with two young children I knew I had to do 'something' to earn money to try save our house, but something that was flexible and ran by itself if I couldn't attend to it. Michael made total sense, introduced basic concepts to me and you could 'hear' that he was genuine. He was also a Brit, which helped with the 'trust' factor for me.

I didn't buy anything, I just stayed on his list and kept reaping the brilliant free advice in the videos and articles.. the ONLY other person/"Guru" you will see me mention is Michael Cheney - he was the only one I REALLY trusted. If it wasn't for Michael's advice I would not be doing what I am doing today. And yes, I saved our house :-) Thank you Michael!"

Adelee Sweeney, London, UK.

Randy Baustert"Hi Michael, Just in case all the thank you’s that I sent to you via email weren’t enough I just want to say thank you again. Before I started with your coaching I had earned about $1000 in the last 9 months.

But with your help and guidance I made over $10,000 in sales in just two weeks. I can honestly say that the money I spent on your coaching was the best money I have EVER spent. It’s like trading a penny for a $100 bill a total no brainer. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Randy Baustert, US Virgin Islands


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Affiliate MillionsAffiliate Millions

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Should a refund occur, access to the videos and bonuses is obviously stopped to prevent misuse.

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Guarantee/Refund Policy
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Format of "Affiliate Millions"
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Michael Cheney

P.S. You want to unlock the SECRET to affiliate millions and COPY my entire step-by-step blueprint for SUREFIRE SUCCESS? What are you waiting for - Get Access Now!

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